Revive Fashion is a sole proprietorship business currently in its expansion phase. As part of the Growth Plan, there has been a change in business model and strategic approach that shifts the business focus from ‘Distribution Based Operation’ to ‘Distribution and Online Retail Operation.

Revive Fashion was registered as a sole proprietorship business in Markham, Ontario (now moved to Vaughan) in 2010 and later in Calgary, Alberta in 2012.

Revive as a brand was introduced to the Ethnic South Asian Community predominantly of the Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi origin. It was made available in the ethnic outlets of Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Calgary through own distribution network that was conceived as the best business model to penetrate fast with a wide spread. The brand was made available in the target outlets on agreed terms and conditions and marketed on national media.

Revive Fashion merchandise was well received by its consumers and carried its own label and price tag. The retail price was set up by Revive and not by the outlet which maintained its brand integrity in terms of pricing and customer service. During this course, Revive organized exclusive exhibitions and community cultural events and advertised in local ethnic print and electronic media to create brand awareness and trial.

Over the period of years now that Revive Fashion has moved through a successful market learning curve and the brand demonstrates acceptance by its consumers; its management has decided to launch its own online store to cater a wide range of consumers worldwide. The management has all the skills and experience to run a successful venture and meet the customer needs at home away from home. To us, it means we are going global, on just a click of the button our full serviced store with integrated payment gateway and shipping would bring the merchandise to your door step.